Got a question

Got a question

I got an email from an old friend of mine with a big concern. His wife believes they need to get the heck out of dodge and pronto. He on the other hand as not felt such an urgency.

I wanted to take the time to really answer his question give him something to chew on.

Now I want to preface this in saying that I am writing this response from a biblical point of view and from the aspect of a biblical marriage.

To introduce my friends, I have changed their names to protect the innocent. So, lets call my friends “Bob” and his wife “Nancy.”

Here is how the email started…

Ray – Nancy¬† is convinced that we need to leave the country… But I’m not so convinced. I’m not arguing with her but don’t feel the same urge right now…I don’t wan to be foolish with my family but would God have us divided on a issue like this? Interested what your thoughts are. — Bob

Hi ya Bob —

Something that I have learned in my years of marriage is to lean on Tracye when it comes to her “gut feeling.” God gave women a 6th sense in just knowing when something bad or their security is in danger.

Tracye was the one who’s red flags were getting raised and she began pushing us moving as well. I balanced out her “we need to get the heck out now” with my “lets remain calm, collected and get out of here in the best manner possible.”

We both made sure we did our due diligence and made sure God was in it.

Here are some good marching orders….

1 – If you go to my blog ” Unpacking Costa Rica” there is a good article by Michael Snyder titled ” Should You Move To Another Country To Escape The Collapse Of America? 10 Questions To Ask Yourself First ”

Both you and Nancy please read this article.

After that, I just wrote a response to this and I answered the 10 questions publicly. Read that as well.

See where you guys are after reading these.

2 – If you do not have your passports, get them now. Make this a top priority. As things get bad, more people are going to flee. Getting ones passport will become harder and will take longer to get. Right now the waiting time is about 3-4 weeks to process.

3 – Take a trip to see where you want to relocate. You guys are more than welcome to come down and stay with us. We can pick you up, show you around, etc etc. We can also talk to you about the ins and outs of living here.

If Costa Rica does not fit, check out Belize or Panama. I have a good network of people in all three countries that can help you.

Darin Smith of Biospharms

Darin Smith of Biospharms

If you are looking at Belize – the I have a great contact with a person who is helping Christians get out of the US. He is selling half acre plots with gardens, livestock, ect on the property. All one has to do is pack the bags and show up. Here is his website — Darin Smith is his name and he is doing some great things down there in Belize. I already have 3 readers who have set up shop thanks to Darin.

4- This is probably the most important. Start creating a means to earn income over the Internet. Next to getting a passport, this needs to be your top priority. Try to figure out something that you can do to garner an income. Do something where you are providing information, writing a blog and getting affiliate dollars, Google advertising, etc

KEY POINT – No matter where you go, you will not be able to work on the local economy till you gain residency.

In Panama you can dump $7K in the bank for you and your wife, do paperwork and you are pretty much residents. This is the route we have taken

In Belize, you need to live there for a year and then you can apply. You can gain instant residency also by dumping some $$ in the bank as well. I am not sure the amount, but with that, you get a passport too. So I think it is expensive.

Costa Rica is easy yet hard depending on the visa you are applying for. There are three means where you can start residency. Two official, one un-official.

Pension – retiree.. You need to have $1K coming in monthly for the rest of your life. Be it Social Security, Annuity or trust fund. If you can show this. You can qualify. No age requirement.

Rentista – you need to deposit $60K in the bank and then do paperwork for residency. It takes two years to do this and they will dole out your 60K back to you $2500 a month. Once you do your two years, you can then apply for residency and get it sometime in the third year. Once you have full residency you can work on the economy. We tried to apply for this, but my bank back in the states would not write the letters that Costa Rica required. Costa Rica insists of “guaranteed income” and my bank would not write that sort of document. This is why we relocated to Panama.

Tourista – perpetual tourist – There are a LOT of people doing this in Costa Rica. You have to leave the country every 90 days, spend 3.5 hours outside the country and then come back in. They stamp your passport for another 90 days and you do it all over again.

This is what Tracye and I did for our two years that we lived here.

IF you have a home to sell, you can take your earning from your home and you have the 60K., That is if you are not upside down. Tracye and I rent so we do not have a home to sell. This is why we have to save up for it.

Thing is Bob is that no matter what, things are going from bad to worse.

I know you see the writing on the wall.

What I see is history repeating itself. The days today remind me of Europe prior to WWII, Christians and Jews were getting out as fast as they were able in three distinctive phases of exodus.

Those phases are taking place right now.

We are currently in what I call “phase one” of the exodus. Those in phase one have the time to get out, take their belonging, and do it comfortably.

Phase two are those people who will get out only with  their suitcases in hand.

Phase three are those who get out with the clothes on their back. Things will be very bad by this phase and the exodus will be at a critical mass at this point. It is this critical mass that you want to avoid because that is when things will get locked down tighter than a drum.

More and more people are starting to exodus out of the US. It has not hit critical mass yet, but it is getting there. As things get worse, more and more people will look to get out.

What you need to ask yourself is what phase do you want to be part of?

Like it or not, sooner or later persecution will come to this country. You know and I know that the fema camps being built are not just for looks. They will be used to house and detain people. Most likely folks like us.

Fleeing Nazi Occupied France

Fleeing Nazi Occupied France

We can learn from history and bail out like the Jews and Christians did prior to WWII Germany or we can hang around and see what happens.

Even MTV has been waking up to the fact — WATCH NOW >>>

God put our wives in our lives for a reason. They are our helpmates. A lot of times our own pride causes us to not to listen to the wisdom God gave them to help protect the family.

Over the years I have learned to listen to Tracye when she has her radar on high. She has it on high for a reason.

Nancy is the same way. God has blessed Godly women with this ability. We as Godly men need to heed it. In the end the responsibility falls on our shoulders because we are the leader of the family and we will stand before God for the decision or lack there of that we made on behalf of our family.

Often God answers my prayers through Tracye. She confirms what I have asked for or asked wisdom in.

In our relocation I was praying hard.

God used Tracye to confirm an answer and a direction we should go. This is how a marriage works. Kind of like a form of check and balance.

Work diligently on what I have given you. Even if you do not move, it is a wise thing to do because it will help you and your family survive the coming storm and give you things to fall back on.

If you guys want, get on the phone with us and we will be more than happy to help you guys with some answers.

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