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Ray & Tracye Gano

Ray & Tracye Gano
Owners of Unpacking Central America

My name is Ray Gano and several years ago my wife Tracye and I took a “Recon” trip to Belize. In fact, we have checked out a lot of the Caribbean and that is where our adventure begins.

See, I am an author, journalist and blogger. It is how I make a living and when my readers heard that we are looking to relocate somewhere outside the US, they were very interested in learning the details.

For the longest time we wondered if where we were, is where we should be. Yea, it is kind of weird, but how weird is it to want to live outside your mother country?

We wanted to expat for several reasons…

1 – Our kids are grown and out of the house. We have been living in the Texas Hill Country for over 12 years now and we wanted a change. We both work from home over the internet and so long as where we live has stable fast internet service, we can live and still earn income.

We call this “Starting Life 2.0”

2 – Over the years we have been seeing things take place here in the United States that we do not like. More and more we see our nation moving in a very radical left socialist even possibly communist direction. We see the more and more middle class being eliminated due to a lack of quality earning jobs, rise in taxes, rise in inflation, rise in food and the list goes on.

Map of Belize

Map of Belize

3 – We saw that if we continued to live where we were soon it would be difficult paying to live in our own country. Food prices ever rising, taxes and oh yea, Obama Care. A huge chunk of our income was being stripped from us before we could even spend it.

What is upsetting is that this trend is not going away and in fact with the re-election of President Obama it looks like this trend is going to continue and possibly grow worse. There are even concerns that he may try to run for a third term.

My wife and I have been looking at many areas to relocate, both here in the United States and abroad.

One area that kept coming back to us in our research was Belize, so that is where we started our adventure. Just so you know, we did not end up there. I have several of my readers who have relocated there and they love it. I wrote a book and produced a video about our Belizian adventures.

We were interested in Belize because I have been working with a ministry down there that is helping Christians relocate, and I even know of a few PZ Insider families who have been called to Belize and are now setting up down there. Well spending some time down there, we realized that Belize was not for us.

That is when out of the blue we got the phone call.

The Phone Call That Changed Things

When all this was taking place we were asking folks to please pray for us and that God gives us direction. Things are taking place in this nation that are absolutely mind boggling.

I believe that things are going to get much worse before they get better.

It was about the beginning of August 2011 and I got a phone call from my good friend Gary Kah.

For those of you who do not know, Gary is the author of several books including the best seller “En Route To Global Occupation.” We have known each other now for about 25 years and always looked forward to the fellowship at conferences and such.

Gary and his wife have been working pretty hard with speaking engagements all over the US and even in Europe. But something came up and Gary had to have an operation on his shoulder. That meant a lot of down time.

So they took advantage of this and saw it as the Lord telling them to take a much needed sabbatical. So they packed up their bags and headed south.

That is when I got the phone call.

“Hey Ray — This is Gary, can you guess where we are?… Costa Rica!! You have got to come down here, it is incredible, God is doing some incredible things.”

So Tracye and I prayed about it and asked God to help us go visit.

As many of you may know who are linked into our Facebook, this past September 2011 we went down to Costa Rica and we were very pleased.

But what is interesting is that not only was Gary Kah there, we found out that our friend John Price, author of “The End of America” just recently relocated down there too.

Gary Kah, Ray Gano, John Price

Gary Kah, Ray Gano, John Price

But that is not the end, we are now off to Panama for a whole new adventure.


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